TripAdvisor lose 'portion' of members' email addresses


Another day, another massive security breach by a large online organisation. Yesterday it was and today it’s travel review behemoth TripAdvisor. They’ve told their registered members that a ‘portion’ of their email list has been pilfered. How ‘large’ a ‘portion’ this is we do not know as there are 20 million email addresses in their database.

TripAdvisor are being fairly vague about most of the fine details and have only said that the theft of the addresses happened ‘recently’ – although they have confirmed that it was email addresses only and that no credit card numbers or other financial info has been plundered.

They have warned members that they may receive some ‘unsolicited emails’ as a result of the incident – we don’t know whether or not those emails might come from BangCD or even someone pretending to be BangCD.

That the email addresses have gone missing hasn’t come as a surprise to some people – according to a tnooz report, most technical staff at TripAdvisor used to have access to all files, making their system a datastealer’s paradise.

Tut tut, TripAdvisor. Tut tut tut.

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  • maxtweenie
    As they said "This past weekend we discovered that an unauthorised third party had stolen part of TripAdvisor's member email list. ", it's possible they use Silverpop as their email provider as well as

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