TripAdvisor braced for legal action from huffed hotels

Bitterwallet - my room at the Ascot Hyde Park Hotel

If you’re planning a trip away, the TripAdvisor website acts as a good guide as to whether you’ll be holidaying in luxury or a rat-addled hell-hole. But where there’s a hit, there’s a writ and it was only a matter of time before legal action was threatened against TripAdvisor and that time is now.

Over 300 hotels are preparing themselves to take on TripAdvisor, unhappy at comments left on the site by disgruntled customers. They’re saying that some comments are untrue and damaging to their business or “legally unsubstantiated”.

The hotels, believed to be located mostly in the UK and US, have enlisted the help of KwikChex a British ‘reputation management service’ and their CEO Chris Emmins says: “We have decided to present TripAdvisor with a list of the worst specific cases, plus a general call to correct certain aspects next week, together with a formal notice of action which means that we will add to the list as we clear them.”

Looks like TripAdvisor might have to take on a couple of extra members of staff over the next few weeks...



  • Paul C.
    Trip Advisor like any review site is open to abuse from both consumer and vendor. I've heard of umpteen cases whereby hoteliers/restauranteurs have written reviews praising their whorehouse and grill thus boosting their profile on the site. It's probably not the most accurate way of picking an outing but certainly after disgesting swathes of bullshit, there's a glimmer of truth slipped in-between the HTML. I can't see how this rating system is any different from bespoke ones on google or yahoo.
  • hippy1001
    maybe if the hotels spent most of thier time and money on customer satisfaction they would'nt need to ask some random website to change or delete bad comments about thier hotels. everyone knows that a disgruntled customer is more likely to write something bad than a happy customer is to write something good. hopefully the website has some sort of email notification system to let the people that wrote the bad comments know that it will be taken down unless that person backs it up!
  • issac h.
    A couple of bad review, so what A couple of dozen bad reviews and you're going to a shithole
  • zeddy
    Well, I can say quite truthfully this site is utter shite. I mean, just look at it! Case dismissed.
  • Shaun
    It's a surprise sites like TripAdvisor can actually exist in the UK with our shitty libel laws whereby the site itself is responsible for the comments made by users. No wonder KwikChex can make a mint out of legal action against sites.
  • J F.
    I love Tripadvisor. People should have a right to say what they experienced.
  • tanya
    hello harry hyperbole.
  • James
    Most of the reviews on TripAdvisor are valid - both the good ones and the bad ones. This potential legal case is about the tiny minority of untrue ones. The fact that they're a tiny minority doesn't mean the hotels who've been libelled (whether by competitors or idiots) shouldn't be allowed some redress, does it?
  • Bloke
    The funniest thing on Tripadvisor is seeing posts from people who pay buggerall for a hotel and then complain that it doesn't have 5-star facilities. That said, when you have 16 posts all referring to cockraoches and one post saying that the decor is on a par with the Palace of Versailles, you have to be suspicious.
  • Kevin
    Assessing peoples reviews is generally common sense. You know if it's a Travelodge it's not going to have x/y, but you'd like to know if it's for example new or a refurb. You look at the country from which the person who wrote the article is from. I went to a hotel in Washington DC. American reviewers said it was miles to the Metro whereas Australian reviewers said it was really close. It was really close.
  • TeflonMan
    I hope TripAdvisor possess the wit to state where reviews had to be edited or deleted due to pressure from the hotel. That'll tell ME enough about the establishment in question.
  • Giorgio
    Tripadvisor is NOT independent. It's an EXPEDIA GROUP and they should write this on the homepage. You can have 100 different accounts with different IP adresses and write a lot of fake reviews..If you are a competoror or what. The problem is that Tripadvisor CANNOT demostrate that the "customers" really stayed in the hotel they have reviewed and this is at the limit of the legality cause any hotel has a name and an adress but NO reviewer has a name or an adress... I can write something bad just cause I don't like you or I am your competitor or I can pay people to write some very beautiful id the Paradise of the FAKE!
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  • Capt. F.
    I would love to join as trip advisor sucks off of bad rewiews and then trys to get money out of honest resort and business owners!!! shame on them and i want to sue also????
  • nowosad
    Trip advisor publishes false reviews and does nothing with investigating the truth. The site offers an opportunity for the competition and business enemies to thrive on. They lack integrity and are looking only for financial benefits.
  • Ericka
    They allow fake reviews to stay on the website and take down legit reviews. This happens a lot and they are hurting small business owners.

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