Travel firm collapses and airports may close - happy holidays!

Bitterwallet - Sun4uNot a great day for sun seekers and plane passengers today, as two unrelated stories (only David Icke knows if our lizard masters are responsible for both) follow the lead of the weather, and piss down on our summer holidays.

The first story is that travel firm Sun4U has collapsed, while around 1,200 of its customers are abroad - most of them in Spain. A banner appeared across the website on Wednesday night stating the firm had ceased trading.

Most package holidays are Atol protected, so if you haven't left the country yet, you should contact your travel agency about about a refund or alternative arrangements; bookings made direct through Sun4U require a claim to be made by calling 08445 717260. Failing that, bookings made with a credit card should also be covered for a refund.

And if it's not the travel agencies thwarting your August, it's the airports; as we reported earlier in the week, members of the union Unite voted for industrial action at six BAA airports - Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Yesterday afternoon, members of staff voted for strikes - no dates have been announced and the two sides have began talks through conciliatory services.

If these talks fail, Unite can give seven days notice of strike action, which will effectively shut the airports. That means strikes could stop travel over the last ten days of August, including the August Bank Holiday. Until any industrial action is announced, however, airlines such as British Airways are operating as normal and will not be allowing refunds or changes to bookings.


  • Mr M.
    Unite is a disgrace, and should be lynched.
  • Nobby
    If you book or buy anything from a company with a number 4 instead of "for", a number 2 instead of "to" or "too", or a number 8 instead of "-ate" at the end of a word, then you deserve all you get. Holidays-4-desper8-2ats.
  • Wonky H.
    toats? sorry m8, don't get it
  • Nobby
    to-ats. twats. How many cars you got? Just one? You seem like a one-car type of bloke. (Old Ricky Gervais joke.)
  • Chris
    Yeaaaa Unite! The union that everybody loves!
  • ShakesHeadSadly
    Oh Unite again. What a surprise. Bunch of corrupt w**kers. First the post office, then BA, now BAA. And always Unite. Aren't there laws to protect us from these greedy, self serving muppets??? The news last night said they'd only balloted a third of their members on this! How is a strike legal in this case?!? NB - I believe this is the first time I've EVER sworn in a blog post. I just simply cannot stand Unite and their ridiculous bullying tactics.
  • Exconnaught
    Hmmmm, hard to feel overly sorry for the strikers, though if I'm reading it right, what they're saying is; we took a pay freeze last year, BAA have had a record July 2010 financial report (revenue up 6.7% or reported revenue up 2.2%, "Heathrow is performing particularly well" etc.) and record passenger numbers, and you're asking us to take a 1% increase, but lose £700 and accept we're not going to get another £450 because you didn't quite increase profits enough. From their website; "Unite national officer for civil aviation, Brendan Gold: "...For the past four months BAA has refused to even meet with us. BAA is doing passengers a great disservice by allowing this dispute to get to this stage. We are therefore calling on BAA to return to the negotiating table with a fair offer." The current offer of a one per cent increase on basic earnings plus an additional 0.5 per cent conditional on changes to its sickness agreement falls far short of employee expectations. In 2009 BAA staff accepted a pay freeze. However, to compound employee frustrations, BAA withdrew a proposed £450 payment due to it narrowly missing the EBITDA target of £1.2 billion by just three per cent. The company has also informed all staff that they would lose out on their annual airport incentive payment of £700 for 2010." As I say, hard to feel overly sorry, but if they took a hit last year and with prices across the board rising and watching profits go up that much, it must feel like a pay cut in real terms.
  • Matt
    Hmm, I can see this page, but the home page of BW keeps giving me a 502 Bad gateway error...
  • Paul C.
    Ah yes, Unite. Always there to stir the shit right up and make sure everyone smells the aroma. I don't believe that it's members are fully aware of how corrupt and disgraceful it's head honchos are. For me, they're on a par with those dodgy solicitors that mailshot everyone for illegally downloading Scooter records/The Hurt Locker etc. Throw enough shit at the wall and some of it sticks, eh?
  • Kevin
    As the company is making money you'd think that they should get something, but BAA isn't on it's own anymore, it's part of a bigger business. Maybe the profit there is supporting another part of the business, or maybe they just want to reward their shareholders, busineses aren't social enterprises, they make money for shareholders, for that money to be given out it has to come from somewhere. Only 3% pay increase? , I'm getting zero pay increase atall this year and I don't see Unite running to my defence and yes I am a Unite member. What's that? Don't want to mess with government funded organisations that actually have the majority of your membership? Funny that, just sit in your posh offices with your massive salaries picking fights that just piss off people rather than actually doing any good. They're annoyed that they didn't get their bonuses because they were 3% off? They didn't hit their target then did they! Get an extra 3% and you would have done! 3% of 1.2 billion is quite a large number!
  • Ryanair B.
    [...] decision by BAA workers and their union Unite to consider industrial action later this month has incensed plenty of folk. If the strikes do go ahead, then six airports – [...]

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