Trapped inside a plane that's hotter than the Sun

You'll remember our story from June, about passengers trapped on board a Ryanair flight at Prestwick for six hours, during which time the staff refused to serve any water? Well, if Prestwick had been in the middle of Arizona, with the cabin temperature creeping past 40C, then it probably would have looked a lot like this passenger video, shot on-board a Delta airline flight. Yick:

[The Consumerist]


  • zacspeed
  • blagga
    Imagine what the back of his ball-sack looks like. Then again, perhaps not.
  • Palmface
    Alan Partridge would have a field day.
  • Zleet
    @blagga You would most definitely be swimming in ball soup.
  • Tess T.
    I'd be sweating too if I was hiding a bomb under my shoe.

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