Transport for London unveil their 2016 pricing...

From the 2nd January 2016 there will be a 1% rise in TfL services but many prices will be frozen and we'll also be seeing an extension on the free travel scheme for under 11-year-olds. This free travel scheme will also be extended to national rail services in London. What a time to be alive for anyone under 11.

What this means in pounds and pence is a 10p increase to £2.40 on some fares and a 20p increase for an all zones travel card taking this price to £17.20. These increases are likely to bring in an extra £43m. Enough to throw money at the problem of staff strikes? Maybe.

Boris Johnson is delighted. So delighted he said:

I’m delighted that we’re able to yet again freeze overall fares in real terms for our passengers.

It’s the third year in a row that we’ve been able to offer this great deal, allowing us to keep the cost of travel down while continuing our vital programme to modernise the network.

Hundreds of thousands of families will also benefit now that we’ve struck a deal to extend free travel for under 11s across all rail services in London.

By securing this deal on national rail services, we are taking away the fares confusion for so many and opening up wider travel in the capital for families to enjoy

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