Train refunds need to be easier

train There's been a lot of talk about getting refunds from train companies, with automatic refunds being mentioned in the past. Well, the chat continues, as the Office of Rail and Road regulator said that train firms need to make passengers more aware of their rights, giving them information in 'plain English' when it comes to getting compensation for delayed journeys.

There's been a three-month investigation by the watchdog, after it transpired that 80% of passengers didn't claim refunds which they were entitled to.

The ORR have said that stronger monitoring standards are needed, as well as better information, and that the train companies need to launch a national promotional campaign, together, in a bid to tell customers about their rights and what compensation they're owed.

Now, the ORR conceded that progress is happening, like with the aforementioned automatic refunds for some customers with smartcards and such. However, they're going to keep an eye on the various companies to make sure that these improvements continue, and that they'll be working with Transport Focus to conduct a compensation survey of 8,000 passengers, to see how bad this lack of refund is, and what can be done to help.

Paul Plummer, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, said: “We’re committed to making claiming compensation simpler and clearer. We never want passengers to suffer delays or disruption and when things do go wrong we want to put it right."

"More people are receiving cash compensation as train companies continue to pay out more and make it easier to claim. There is always room for improvement and we know that we can do more to give our customers an even better deal."

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