Train fares rising by almost 6% next month

20 December 2011

‘This is the age… of the train’ roared Jimmy Savile a few decades ago. Sadly, he’s dead now but if he wasn’t, he’d probably be roaring, “Train fares – they’ve all gone completely tits up haven’t they?”

That’s because they’ll be going up by an average of 5.9% in January 2012, according to the Association of Train Operating Companies. Who knows, if Gorgeous George Osborne hadn’t capped fare increases at 6% in his Autumn Statement last month, it could have been as high as 8%.

But in a way, your increased contribution should be looked upon as an investment in the railway system, as ATOC have said that the extra money will be used to pay for "new trains, faster services and better stations". Let’s keep our eyes peeled for THAT, eh?


  • Tim M.
    So about the same as a train driver's yearly pay rise then?
  • Yodhe
    Yes, new trains, stations and a faster service so "they" can make more profit off the "investment" you make as a Hobson's Choice consumer... Afterall you could always go to work by flying pig instead.
  • Robert J.
    I don't commute by rail but this is clearly a tax on working commuters, arguably the backbone of many parts of the UK, but especially so in the south-east of England. If the train drivers aren't gouging them for every last penny, it's the government and the railway companies. They are captives of a failing transport system and can't feasibly drive to work because of government fuel taxes, petro-chemical profiteering and parking fees instituted by local councils. And what used to make it all worthwhile? Pensions! I sometimes think the families who have opted to live on benefits have the right idea, at least they have no transport costs and guaranteed annual "pay" rises. Happy Xmas!
  • Brian's U.
    Soon it would be more economical for me to drive and park at work. That's just crazy.
  • Mugged A.
    My train company have trotted out that "improvement to services" line every year of fare increases since I started commuting in 2001. The fact of the matter is overcrowding has gotten worse, journey times have gotten longer and newer rolling stock has been leased to other operators and replaced by uncomfortable, unreliable 25-year-old clunkers which constantly break down and cause havoc on a weekly basis. Commuters get put over a barrel every January while the MDs and shareholders laugh all the way to the bank. Considering we are one of the 10 richest countries in the world we should be ashamed of out transport system and the way it was sold off for short-term profit.
  • klingelton
    you mean the way the NHS is going soon, part privatisation leading to wholesale unsustainable practices and further privatisation. Sigh.
  • Mike H.
    Aww what a fucking shame, perhaps you shouldn't be a wanna-be, iPhone using London-type twat-box.
  • Kevin
    Don't get a job 50 miles away from where you live and you won't have this problem!
  • nobelhobler
    To the railway - Umm just let me confirm I have got this right. You want to encourage us to use your trains, you want us to put freight back onto to the rail and you are going to achieve this by increasing the prices. You railway execs are complete pillocks. Why don’t you try decreasing the fairs (which might fill the carriages), being on time and maybe have a stab at being reliable. Oh on more thing that might help – how about scrapping your fat bonuses and reducing your obscene annual salaries.

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