Tour operators ripping you off for your family holiday?

Mobile_phone_holiday_beach_GUIDE_01 Companies ripping you off is nothing new, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't grass on them. As it is the summer holidays, you should be aware of some of the sneaky tricks tour operators are doing to screw you out of money.

Of course, in the peak season, prices go up for no reason, but operators are taking advantage of families in other ways.

HolidayPirates have got some operators rumbled and have shown that some parents are being hoodwinked into paying premium by charging them MORE for children than they do for adults.

In one case, they found that a holiday was being sold as £245 per person (including all extras for the school holidays), but the holiday is based on four adults sharing. However, if you swap two adults for two kids - for the same flights, same hotel, same everything - the price goes up to £344 each.

In some instances, you can't just book for adults and take the children instead, so if you're thinking of pulling a fast one, better buy some fake moustaches for the nippers.

Some tour operators will tinker with prices dependant on the child's age.

If you book one holiday for a family of four (two adults, one infant and one child aged 12) and one for exactly the same sized family but with the child being 13 (two adults, one infant, one child aged 13), you'll see a big hike in the price of £133 each.

Have a look at HolidayPirates' findings and, when you're booking your family holiday, be sure to play around with the options before processing any payment to make sure you're not being ripped off.


  • bob
    "Of course, in the peak season, prices go up for no reason" The reason is because we all live in a capitalist society and we also have a thing called "supply and demand". More people want to travel during the holidays, so therefore they can charge higher prices because they know that enough people will be willing to pay the charges. In the off season when there are fewer travelers (and most kids are in school) then they have to reduce the prices to fill up the seats as there is less demand. It's not rocket science.
  • God
    I have always found ski holidays are the biggest rip-off; a "package" will include the MOST expensive ski pass tickets. On my last but one outing, we were charged £180 EACH, when we only needed to pay for a lift ONCE during the entire holiday (cost £5 each). Another is charging the most expensive ticket for EuroStar or ferry crossing, regardless of what time you intend to cross. The EuroStar tickets cost us over £100 more than was required, and the ferry tickets would have been ~£30 more.

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