Tinder for trains, which is what you've always wanted

train Are you ready for a chilling combination of words? Course you are. If you're reading Bitterwallet, there's something clearly and certifiably wrong with you.

"Think Tinder meets Groupon… for trains."

That was the words of Edward Byrne, co-founder and Business Director of Paystobesocial, which is a new app which lets commuters in the UK hunt out other people for train journeys, so are all looking for ticket discounts. You might think that this seems innocent enough, but any mention of Tinder makes us think of grotty photos of people's genitals.

Of course, with train fares set to rise, this could be very useful... but y'know, you'll have to actually be social to reap the benefits. You'll have to talk to other humans, and you lot HATE that.

“[We are] a tech startup that loves smart-tech but wants to encourage face-to-face social interaction. The app allows you to group with other people travelling your same train journey and gives you the opportunity to save 33 percent off your ticket price there and then through the National Rail GroupSave discount of 3-9 people. So being social to get rewarded!” said Byrne.

So what do you have to do exactly? Well, the app gets you to put in the details of your journey, and then, it'll match you up with other people making similar plans. Once there's enough of you, the group chat function is unlocked. Then, Christ knows what'll happen.

"We are first to market with our Tinder meets Groupon model,” says Byrne. “[Our] closest competitor I would say is Maaxi [the group finder taxi app], but again we are very different as we provide the benefit of a social hub… with the added bonus of trying to save money on off-peak train tickets by simply grouping up with others".

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