Thomas Cook complained at by idiots

Often, complaints made to companies, defy belief. That's because a lot of people who complain are hooting imbeciles. So imagine the kind of thing an imbecile might complain about if you sent them on holiday!

Well, imagine no more as a collection of complaints made to Thomas Cook have been rounded up and shared online, with customers moaning about the colour of sand, the distance countries are away from each other and a lack of air-conditioning in nature. Enjoy.

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  • Meek
    Mof, please refrain from posting pointless shit like this. This is atleast 2/3 year old now.
  • Andy
    Agreed, this is old... and stupid.
  • Ian
    This was first publicised in September 2011. Seriously, why are you regurgitating it again 18 months later? Is this really the best you can do?
  • Mike O.
    Mof, I havent seen this before, any more similar stuff?
  • Justin A.
    This is the pot calling the kettle black. I've worked at a division of Thomas Cook and they have plenty of idiots on the staff.
  • Big B.
    @Mike Oxsore - the internet is full is old sh!te like this.
  • oliverreed
    News outlets are trying to pin the blame on TC for the balloon tradegy in Egypt, pretty sure the only offer planes to travel in?
  • FooFan73
    Re: The Egyptian balloon tragedy: I've seen several news reports where eye witnesses say they saw monkeys throwing darts and boomerangs at the balloon. Several monkeys were also seen operating a catapult which launched spiked projectiles Early reports which said there was even a monkey wearing Superman's cape and firing lasers from his eyes were later debunked Unless TC own and trained these monkeys to do that I don't see how it's their (TC) fault I'll get me coat
  • Dai
    Viral marketing for beginners.
  • Gerry
    Meek, Andy and Ian this is a classic. Do u shout at the radio when they put on an old song? My God they're playing the rolling stones again will this torture never that you?
  • you
    @Gerry If they preceded the song with "Here is the new song by the Rolling Stones..." then yes, I would be shouting at the radio
  • Jim
    Brilliant. I had not seen this before.
  • Meek
    @Gerry, you are 100% correct you ugly cunt.
  • John W.
    Mof, I haven't read this before. Some of us regretfully have not seen EVERYTHING on the internet and missed this during the last 18 months. Please continue the service to those of us who actually have a life. Thanks
  • Phuck Y.
    This is ludicrous! Proper biscuits are Chocky Hob-nobs. And holidays are made even better by topless beaches.
  • JonB
    To be fair to Mof, Cassie Potter only posted the twitter pic on 25 Feb, so it's not his fault that he didn't Google "Thomas Cook complaints" before posting this entry.
  • Sicknote
    Great to see that the usual Thomas Cook punter grizzling about the usual shitty shit they have to complain about on a Thomas Cook holiday.
  • Fat S.
    fuk sake who travels abroad now onyway
  • Lynn
    This is the first time I've seen this. The idiots complaining that it's "old" are in the same league as the idiots complaining about the color of the sand and the size of the planet.
  • chewbacca
    Jon Weeks wants to be "serviced" by Mof "gimp" Gimmers. lulz
  • Kevin
    It is an old story but it's also Thomas Cook using it to try and get some free publicity again. Personally I think someone in the media should ask for details of where these people had their holidays, what dates etc otherwise they've just grabbed an old jokey story for their own purposes :P
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  • Mj1004
    Yes it might be old but it is amusing and why do you all have to be haters. Dave shows Top Gear 3000 times a day and it is regurgitated rubbish but we enjoy it for the frivolity and fun. Stop being naysaying party poopers

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