Thomas Cook can barely shift cheap Olympic tickets

London-2012Thomas Cook, who can't do a thing right at the minute, has been forced to flog 45,000 Olympic tickets on the cheap after no-one wanted them. The travelco was hoping to sell 300,000 tickets as part of packages, including hotel rooms and all that. However, it didn't work out like that.

In fact, Thomas Cook only sold 35,000 packages, according to temporary chief executive Sam Weihagen. As such, they've been flogging the rest of the tickets for less money to anyone who'll have them. Which means that you might be able to pick up a bargain or two.

Weihagen said: "With the bribery act and the economic climate in this country there has not been as big a demand as we expected. We had to repackage those tickets into normal packages and after we have done that we have been able to sell them."

And they still have 15,000 unsold Olympic ­packages. And there just so happens to be an empty seat crisis in the stadia.

It's little wonder that Thomas Cook lost £20.1million and look like a dying dog, limping toward a hedge to cark it. They're bloody hopeless.


  • Mr M.
    At £1400 for the closing ceremony and a night in a hotel I'm not suprised they're having trouble selling them, hardly bargain prices.
  • H d.
    None of their bloody links work on thier website, no wonder they can't shift them.
  • whatsit t.
    I can't see any bargains on their site, just over priced crap.
  • Carl
    Links seem to work, but they are all double rooms and all say; "Please note your total price includes the quantity of event tickets for the number of people per room stated below" So in essence "2598" for the room and 2 tickets. Not sure where the bargains are.
  • Schadenfreude`s e.`s about time these rip-off companies were taken down...
  • lumoruk
    where are the fucking bargains?
  • lumoruk
    "Page not found Could not find the page you were looking for." ...wankers
  • DragonChris
    Yet Thomas Cook has consistently been the cheapest holiday provider for flights and hotels for us over the last few years... Cheaper than Expedia, yet they book through them... Also generally give some of the best rates for travel money.
  • Sicknote
    Would be nice to see some of these greedy little piggies getting their trotters burnt; London is like a ghost town this week so I'm not sure where these Olympic visitors are.
  • Derek
    The visitors are watching the games... With such stupid hotel prices and no way of knowing if it's going to be a sh*t hole anyway, anyone with any sense is commuting in via the Eurostar anyway.
  • Chester
    I haven't watched one minute of the olympics... Heaven
  • shenda a.
    I want 2 tickets for the Olympic games for Saturday August 11
  • shenda a.
    I want 2 tickets for Olympics on Saturday August 11. Many thanks Shenda Amery
  • Mr. P.
    @ Shenda You've never been on this site before, have you?

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