Thomas Cook cabin crew are NOT happy

If you’ve booked a Thomas Cook holiday this summer, you might want to take out some extra travel insurance for potentially cancelled flights.
thomas cook strike

A row has broken out between the holiday firm and cabin crew on flights scheduled by Thomas Cook. Why? Because TC wants to reduce the number of cabin crew to the bare minimum to cut costs. Stewards are saying that they’re already pushed to breaking point as it is, opening small tins of Bloody Mary mix and yelling ‘CHICKEN OR FISH?’ into the lugholes of pissed up holidaymakers.

Their union, Unite, is holding a ballot proposing industrial action as a result, which could threaten flights with the holiday company this summer.

Cabin crew numbers vary depending on how many people are on board, with a plane of 235 passengers requiring 5 stewards. Thomas Cook want to operate their flights with one less. They say that from a safety point of view, it’s in line with Civil Aviation Authority rules. But Unite aren’t having any of it.

A union spokesman said: ‘Cabin crew at Thomas Cook are already exhausted and stressed out. Not only do they have a duty of care and do an incredibly important job to keep passengers safe but they are also expected to sell on-board products during flights. But now the company wants to cut crew levels even further which threatens to push the crew past breaking point.’

To avoid strike action, perhaps Thomas Cook could advise their customers not to repeatedly ask for gin and tonics, extra napkins and kosher meals, keep their tray tables up and their seatbelts on, and try not to lock themselves in the toilet during take off and landing?


  • Tourism D.
    On long haul they get days of rest in the sunny destination you've gone to. Hardly pushed are they, besides they ignore most requests from passengers anyhow!
  • Not l.
    How very small minded of you, the majority of flights are short haul and are over 12 hours there and back. I am sure the majority of reasonable requests are answered but if you request stupid things that can't be done then it's your own fault. Your obviously jealous that you are not good enough to do the job.
  • Balderdash
    On a long haul most get barely 24 hours after working to and from the other side of the world...That 24 hours includes a couple of hour s of customs and security formalities and getting to your hotel.....
  • Mark
    If TC is like any other airliner I know, then it's hours, not days. The layovers that you despite are long gone with most airlines, replaced with minimum crews rest (sometimes as little as 8 hours) I hope the TC FAs can pushback and say enough is enough. Profit shouldn't come at the cost of either my safety or comfort as a passenger.

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