Thomas Cook are all heart with new logo

ThomasCook_Group_High_Res No-one likes Thomas Cook, so today in a bid for everyone to love them, they've unveiled a new 'sunny heart', which looks a bit like a yellowing plaster that's curled up at the side of a swimming pool at a grotty resort.

The new logo comes with a simple message too - "Let’s Go". Not really as catchy as "Don't just book it - Thomas Cook it."

The group have done all this rebranding in-house, as they try to turn the fortunes of the company around. They reckon that this new message has "real resonance".

Jim Prior, chief executive of WPP branding agency The Partners, said: "They have married a very warm, emotional concept, with the heart and the sunshine, with a very bland piece of typography. Rationally, I understand what they’re doing. Emotionally, I’m not sure it achieves the objective."

Of course, Thomas Cook haven't noticed that there's a student travel guide called Let’s Go, that there's a company called Let's Go which do supported trips for adults with learning difficulties and that Ryanair’s in-house mag is called... you guessed it... Let’s Go.


  • james
    Let's Go...Into Administration.
  • joulupukki
    "Let's go try to find a reason, any reason, why people should come into our last few shops when the same holiday is cheaper online and now that everybody knows our bogus discount is dependent upon taking out expensive insurance, even if you're already covered".
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Lets go....tits up....because that's where we are heading
  • Edward L.
    Do you think the feedback to the designers was along the lines of "Please can we make it more web 2.0?"
  • fibbingarchie
    Thomas Cook share price Nov '12 c. 20p Thomas Cook share price Oct '13 c. 150p It appears Administration is currently not deemed to be probable.

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