This is why you should remain seated - when planes collide

Air France Flight 7 F-HPJD bound for Paris, was taxiing on a runway when its left wingtip struck the tail of Comair Flight 6293, which had just landed from Boston and was taxiing to its gate at JFK in New York City.

The FAA didn't immediately say how many people were on the double-deck Airbus A380, which can carry 525 passengers in a three-class configuration or more than 850 in a single-class configuration.

The Comair CRJ 700 Regional Jet was carrying 62 passengers and four crew members. All the passengers were taken off the plane and into a terminal.


  • Plane W.
    "The FAA didn’t immediately say how many people were on the double-deck Airbus A380" Um, yes does that look like a fuckin DOUBLE-DECK A380???? It's a an Airbus A330 !!
  • Not w.
    Um,yes does that look like a fuckin A330 WITH FOUR ENGINES???? If it aint an Airbus A380 Its an A340.
  • Not e.
    lol Plane Watcher - even we ignoramii can count engines... "On 11 April 2011, at 8:09pm local time, an Airbus A380, Air France flight 8380 bound for Paris, France collided with a Bombardier CRJ-700, Comair flight 6293, aircraft at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Comair flight had recently landed and was nearing its gate when the Air France A380's wing clipped the rear stabilizer of the CRJ-700 causing the plane to spin. The accident is currently under investigation by the FAA and NTSB."
  • Otto P.
    Another fun packed episode of Air Crash Investigation awaits...

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