The world's best travel hacks, according to Quora

QuoraQuora is this week's hot property as far as tech start-ups are concerned; a Q&A website that taps also taps into Facebook/Digg/Twitter-style functionality to have questions posed and answered.

What has marked it out (so far) from the likes of Yahoo Answers, is the quality of those asking and answering; in particular, the senior management of companies like Google, Facebook and dozens of other major companies can be found hanging out on Quora.

It's not just tech, though; a very popular question at the moment is 'What are the best travel hacks?'; there are currently 52 answers listed, but here's a pick of some of the advice being given out:

• at Gatwick, there is a really long spiral ramp as you walk to baggage claim.  If you walk a little further, you'll see a staircase that runs in the middle of the ramp spiral.  It's about a 1/4 of the length of the ramp. You can beat others to the passport control if you take the stairs.

• you can often siphon free wifi by parking yourself near the first class lounges.  Those networks are often unprotected (the password for British Airways' JFK lounge wifi is "London").

• during boarding, Continental really doesn't care what your seat number is, so you can board before your row is called. KLM does, however.

• keep a copy of your passport online. I've also lost a passport overseas, but having a copy in my Gmail that I could print from a net cafe expedited the process of getting it replaced (4-hour turnaround). There are probably some online security elements to keep in mind with this tip.

• using Dropbox, AirSharing, Evernote, or other technology, sync maps to your phone to guide you at your destination, where you may not have internet access. Itineraries, too.

• observe the flight crews. They know which monorail car to get on for fastest exit. They know which of the places in an airport is worth eating at.

Anymore for anymore? Add them in the comments below, jetsetters.


  • Lee W.
    When you go to the toilet, piss on the floor. It is a good feeling knowing that BAA have to pay someone to clean it up.
  • Robin
    ROFL @Lee Wee
  • Rob
    Good, now I'll remember to sit in the middle seat between people who look like they've booked Aisle and Window together inorder to "accidentally" get the middle seat spare - just to p1ss them off !
  • veedubjai
    With a pressurised cabin. One fart is all it takes to land a plane.
  • Marky M.
    Never, ever fly from Gatwick. You can have that tip for free.
  • Common S.
    Here's something for nothing: If you pay a penny for a flight to some airport that's nowhere near where you think you're going, don't be surprised when they ask you to cough up extra for a seat, or a boarding pass, or oxygen... By now, you should know what you are paying for...
  • Al
    Using an iPad in public view in an airport departure lounge, or any other public location come to that, will mark you out as a total wanker. Those aren't admiring views you're getting people really do think you're a arse. I know as I tried it but with my Super Hearing App I can hear what people are muttering under their breath.
  • andy
    if you pack an electrical multi-lead then you only need to buy one converter plug for all of your various chargers etc.

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