The wit and wisdom of Ryanair's Michael O'Leary

Bitterwallet - Plane SpeakingWe missed this when it was published a couple or months ago, but our orders are now in for Plane Speaking: The Wit & Wisdom of Michael O'Leary, by Paul Kilduff (originally published in Ireland as The Little Book of Mick). As far as we're aware, the Sky Marshall won't see a penny of our money so we've no qualms about stumping up the cash.

We're all aware of O'Leary's emotional stance on his business and the customers who use it, but to see it all bound together in one book - we dare say it'll bring a tear to the eye. To remind you of the genius that spouts from the biggest gobshite in Ireland, here are a couple of quotes from Kilduff's book:

Bitterwallet - Plane Speaking #1
Bitterwallet - Plane Speaking #2
Bitterwallet - Plane Speaking #3


  • PaulH
    I'm liking him already!
  • dai
    @PaulH - you like stupid rude people? Well then fuck off! (hope that brightened your day)
  • dvdj
    Haha, he's actually gone UP in my estimations personally!
  • Meh
    Fail. The Irish version is cheaper...
  • GMail U.
    "Our ideal passenger is someone with a.... creditcard" That doesn't surprise me when you can charge them £1m quid just to pay on the thing...
  • james d.
    Thanks to Ryanair I have a beautiful Swedish girlfriend. I could never have afforded to keep that relationship going without them, I often flew to see her for £1 each way. (And no I didn't pay any other fees & taxes naysayers) Thanks Michael!!!
  • Karan
    @james dewitt I take it you work for Ryanair then? :P
  • mark M.
    I've got to admit, those quites are funny, especially the Mugabe one
  • mark M.
    sorry, I meant quotes. Stupid apple keyboard
  • Nobby
    He's right about people expecting wheelchairs or a go on the electric buggies. I've seen people at airports walking around duty free shops, then asking for a ride to the gate. I'm with Gareth Keenan, there should be tests ...
  • ajsjdjd
    The guy is a total arse (he is Irish though and they all seem to be wankers) but, to be fair, some of those comments are genius and up there with Prince Philip.
  • Jack T.
    Yes there should be tests. Kick away their walking sticks and see if the disabled fall over. If they don't they can walk to the gate. If they do, they get a lift to the gate and added compensation of getting to piss in O'leary's pint of Magners. Might make it taste better though.
  • Joe B.
    "he is Irish though and they all seem to be wankers". I think you're getting mixed up with the english there me ol' boyo. In particular, scousers, mancunians, geordies, brummies. Fuck it, you're all dickheads and chavs tbh. See, I can go generalisations too.
  • james d.
    Ha Karan, no I don't I'm jamesdew on HDUK, look me up. i'm a real non ryanair person. I do actually think O'leary is a cock but I love ryanair, I have travelled europe for next to nothing. I could never have done this without Ryanair. The only people who dislike Ryan Air are people who are not astute enough to get around their charges. I am, so I love them.
  • Paul K.
    Paul - thanks for the free PR ! cheers Paul the author etc
  • Jonny S.
    I'd love to buy it for the amazing amount of arrogant bullshit but to be honest I don't want to give the guy any of my money...
  • -]
    Joe Blogs - I agree, except most scousers have irish heritage. Prolly why they are so scummy... ;> ryanair are absolute shite - the tesco of airlines and the sky marshall is an enormous cock.
  • kev
    okay then, lets get rid of ryaniar, and go back to the bd old days of every flight costing £100+
  • Bloke
    Some people don't realise that O'Leary knows how to get free publicity. Why pay for advertsing when all he has to do is say something faintly outrageous and the media will be all over him and he'll end up with full-page spreads in the daily newspapers. He may not pay his staff top rates, but they can always work elsewhere. He may levy extra charges for things but to be honest if you haven't been aware of that for the last five years at least that's your own fault for not doing your homework.
  • pp
    ryanair is not ireland, in the same vein as BP is not the uk. so get your prejudices back into your own pants, and contribute when you are not slurring and able to hold an adult conversation. don't like ryanair? don't use ryanair! simples.
  • Vultch
    Nobody forces anybody to fly with Ryanair, if you don't like him or his airline don't fly with them. I can't believe the moaning ...your on a jet aircraft costing £30 odd million flying a few hundred miles for as little as a few quid. Wake up A taxi to the airport is probably £30... Ryanair do exactly what they say and their well ruin, unlike the joke airline easyjet. I have no connection to Ryanair but I hate to see a well run business get slagged off

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