The watch phone is here! Less thrillingly, so is the ants watch...

The dream of actually living in some kind of cool futuristic spy movie scenario is about to get a little bit closer with the launch of LG’s new cool-as-an-ice-pop watch phone, out in August through Orange.

It’s a touchscreen device that comes with a Bluetooth headset and video-calling capabilities, along with HSDPA internet for high-speed web browsing. More features that have yet to be announced and that it almost certainly doesn’t contain include a lie detector, snake-charming capabilities and a compass. Ah well, it isn’t perfect then.

But Orange claim they’ll also be launching "at least three new market-leading devices… by the end of the year," so maybe one of them will be able to charm a snake. If the LG watch phone really wants to impress, it could do worse than adopt the time-display method of this Japanese ‘Ants Watch.’

This deranged piece of wrist-kit will tell you the time, but only if you can decipher what appears to be a random arrangement of ants scattered all over its face. Study the guide below very carefully before investing in one...


  • Junkyard
    Yes, I'm certain that internet browsing on a watch-phone will be a beautiful, almost transcendental experience.
  • abc
    Crap ant watch I use a broken watch and guess the time with the reflection of the sun off the watch hands when theyre casting a shadow. Works great when its overcast.
  • dude
    $213 for the ant watch! I like it but thats too much :/

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