The speed sale for those with itchy shopping trigger fingers

Imagine if you went into a shop and the sales assistant told you about all of their special offers but only gave you a few seconds to decide if you wanted to buy or not – you’d probably high-tail it out of the door, disgusted by the way you’d been treated.

But that’s the wacky tactic that online Swedish retailer Papercut are using at the moment – there’s a range of reduced items on their site at the moment but you only get four seconds to make your mind up – then they’re gone forever. There’s some barmy music being played in the background to assault your senses further.


They’re calling it Speedsale and it’s more of a novelty than anything else – the prices seem to be reduced by about 25% so Swedish shoppers aren’t getting any gigantic bargains. But there’s a nice touch – namely that once you’ve browsed the sale range, you don’t get to have another look at it. Don’t make a purchase and the offer has gone forever. Or presumably until you visit the site again from another IP address.



  • Sawyer
    Presumably this will just inspire the same tactics as the Amazon Black Friday sale, where people just add everything to their basket regardless of whether they want it or not? After all, you can always remove it from your basket at the end. Kinda like telling the 4-second sales assistant that you'll take everything, then saying you left your credit card in your other trousers.
  • Dick
    I agree. Just put it in your cart, then decide if it is a good deal or not before you decide to pay. Unless they take credit card details first and force you to pay and have no DSR there.

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