The Rufus Roo beats budget airlines with no style and deep pockets

Avid readers! Why did you not tell us about the Rufus Roo jacket? You know the rules - we should be informed immediately about any product designed with the sole intention of pissing budget airlines off.

Every expense has been spared in producing the website and the promotional videos, and you're unlikely to wear it out to the shops unless you want to be sectioned, but the polyester jacket is capable of carrying up to 10kg of items - effectively doubling your carry-on weight allowance on Ryanair flights.

Would you look like a mentalist loose in an airport in order to save a few quid? The answer, of course, is yes.


  • Scouse G.
    Great for shop lifting too - just wish it didn't come with red zips - too obvious for store detectives
  • Hamid
    Perfect if you like to be searched by airport security.
  • Dick
    These or similar have been on MSE for months.
  • Budgie S.
    Perfect for smuggling larger endangered species too
  • thefunboi
    Now if you were a clever airline, you could simply add the followig into your T's & C's: Any outerwear removed once on board the aircraft must fit inside your cabin baggage allowance" etc etc. And before anybody says 'oh well just dont remove it then', imagine a four hour flight with a laptop in your pocket, or worse still, if you cant fit into your seat because your so overinflated, your made buy a second seat. In fact, SkyMarshall O'Leary, Im pretty good at this, can I have a job?
  • SkyMarshall O.
    Dear thefunboi, Fuck off
  • PokeHerPete
    What are people on MSE doing going on holiday anyway? I thought they would be busy enough collecting bottles to return for a penny a pop and scavenging toenails to feed their family. Im all for getting good deals and getting a percentage off my online purchase I was gonna get anyway. But its this kind of shit cheapskate wankers on MSE and HUKD go mad for.
  • Tweedskin
    @ PokeHerPete "But its this kind of shit cheapskate wankers on MSE and HUKD go mad for." May I draw your attention to exhibit A, found on the right hand side of this page....? "Welcome to Bitterwallet! Hopefully soon to be the best source for consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the HotUKDeals community."
  • Danny
    Was that the fashion police pulling up at 0:57?
  • Dick
    I hope the people he wants to do business with don't meet him at the airport. Arriving on a ryanair flight looking like a twat does not create a good impression. That said, it must be great fun accidently banging into people wearing these jackets. I might get one, just to fill it with billiard balls. Oh dear, there goes your laptop screen. Ooops, was that your camera lens that made that sound of breaking glass? Plus, if the weight is all up top, one careful blow at the knee-level and you could have them scrambling like a turtle on its back!
  • anthony
    Hi interesting subject’’ I travel a lot by air and have seen something similar witch is called a scotty vest in America. And only recently I’ve sheared a plane with someone from Amsterdam he had a coat with 14 pockets’’ and could take up to 14 kg when I asked him to show it to me he produced what looked like a case yes a case or tote bag really’’ the best part’’ it’s a coat when you check in and then transforms into a case with handles and all ‘’ check it out if you don’t believe me everybody has one in Belgium and Holland I’am thinking of getting one’ it means that you don’t have that hassle of looking stupid all the time’ while waiting in the lounge its called checkit out if you dont beleve me''
  • DragonChris
    @ Anthony Good spot, very interesting. I personally won't buy one and don't need it, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for people who might do!
  • Billy
    Jeezus, What a pile of pish in that advert. I stopped looking after the twat stuck a laptop in his pocket. As far as I'm aware (or at least any airline I travel with) - laptops/books/cameras and many other items are not considered to be part of the hand luggage allowance, therefore there is no need to conceal.
  • Billy
    Re my previous comment. Seems like Ryanair deem that if taking a laptop on board, then it must be placed within your carry on bag. I should have known they have covered all bases with regards to allowances and the possibility of extra charges. Mind you, when it comes to charging for usage of toilet facilities on board, I hope they have better staff than this shower.
  • PokeHerPete
    @anthony, that looks just like an advertisement @Tweedskin, yeah, I just wanted to have a pop
  • Nim
    @Billy It's not just ryanair, easyjet have the same rule- everything has to fit into one piece of hand luggage, including handbags and laptop bags. I went on a flight last week and had to put it all into one bag. Although if you check in online (ie no airline checks before the gate) I found it useful to take a plastic bag from boots, and put some things into that. You're allowed one bag from duty free separate so as long as they think it has purchases it works.
  • john h.
    I’ve read your piece on avoiding baggage charges ‘’and would like to inform you of another solution on the market that I don’t think your aware off the jaktogo which I’m the owner of one and have being using it for a long time and can only say it’s not only a coat but transforms into a Bag yes a Bag’’ so you don’t have to look stupid all the time ‘’ check it out

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