The online chat that will guide you through your holiday booking

Thomas Cook claim they’re going to enhance the whole tricky online holiday-booking experience with the introduction of live advice from their customer service agents while you’re booking your break.

They say the web chat feature will be triggered if a customer receives an error message or has been stuck on a particular results page for a long period of time. An invitation to chat with a customer service agent will then appear on the screen with the transcript later emailed to the customer for reference.

Sounds fair enough, but we want to see the service expanded before we start clapping excitedly at Thomas Cook. We want to holiday while wearing headsets with cameras in them so we can consult the travel agent at any time, day or night. With questions like…

How genuine is this Rolex that the big man on the beach is trying to sell to me?

This girl I’m buying Pina Coladas for even though only one side of her face seems to be working – what’s the deal with that then?

I’ve been throwing up for eleven straight hours now – when will it stop?

I’m drinking free Sangria at a timeshare presentation. It all seems like a fantastic deal – I should sign the papers shouldn’t I?

I’m languishing in a Cypriot jail because I threw a pool cue at the barman. My flight is in 14 hours - can you ring the British consul and get me out?

Bring us THAT level of service so-called Thomas Cook and you can have a highly sought after Bitterwallet gold sash.


  • Mike H.
    1. Just buy it, he'll probably kill you otherwise. 2. Don't worry about her face, look for the Adams Apple. 3. You've got another 2 hours yet, get praying. 4. Yeah just sign everything, they'll let you go soon. 5. They're closed on Sundays, sorry mate.
  • Darren
    or "here, wheres that sea view you mentioned?" or "walk with me for the supposed 5 minutes to the beach".........
  • Nobby
    Why am I in a Greek jail for dressing as a nun?
  • donna m.
    when i booked my holiday i required 3 20kg suitcases then i paid a payment yesterday and noticed there was only 2 suitcases ordrered i then spoke to someone on chat theysorted it out for me but said id have to order 1 more case but wouldnt have to pay the add min fee so ive tried to go on my acc to check to see if they have left notice on my account that i dont need to pay add min fee and can i go ahead and book another case and pay it all on the 12/8/2015 plz help

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