The new superfast trains will be really rubbish for everyone

Look at how fast that train is! Oh, it's gone.

Remember the superfast train that is going to save us all? The one that will zoom between Birmingham and London and end our crushing suffering?

Well, according to one report, it is going to be awful and make us all want to kill ourselves.

The report from the Tax Payers' Alliance says that the creating the HS2 will mean Euston station in London "becoming a building site for seven years", it said. Not only that, but until the second north-of-Birmingham phase is finished, there's a strong chance that there'll be a 6.6% reduction in the number of seats available on trains compared with 2012.

So, the report predicts that there will be "worse rail services" for people in Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield with "worse journey times, fewer seats and/or fewer trains per day".

TaxPayers' Alliance director Matthew Sinclair said: "High-speed rail isn't the right way of getting the capacity we need. The project is set to cost taxpayers a fortune and it is increasingly clear it will be a huge white elephant. While politicians are holding out the promise of a faster journey for a fortunate few, huge numbers of people will face slower and less-frequent services with more overcrowding. Everyone will still have to pay the hefty bill."

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond pooh-poohed the Taxpayers' Alliance report as "spurious" adding that it was not right to say that this new service would mean other projects would not go ahead. He said: "We are investing £2 billion a year in (the cross-London) Crossrail (scheme) and when that is finished we will spend £2 billion a year on HS2. It's perfectly possible to invest in major strategic rail projects and still invest in other rail projects."

If history shows us anything, it could be very wise to be suspicious of any tinkering to the rail service, right?



  • Rob
    5 letters :- N. I. M. B. Y.
  • Delbert
    Tax Payers’ Alliance are a bunch of un-elected right-wing loons( a large part of its funds come from wealthy donors, many of whom are prominent supporters of the Conservative party- The Guardian) claiming to represent the public. They do not. Please treat anything these 'tards say witha pinch of salt. see:
  • andy y.
    I despise the Taxpayers Alliance ,but dagnabbit they may have a point this time. Most of the delays and slowness of the "Inter City" lines are caused by pinch points.One example is the viaduct on the East Coast line over Welyn City.Here 4 lines go down to 2 and guess what you get delays. The money to be spent on London-Birmongham could easily help relive a lot of shitake problems on the network nationwide. and find those twats in Doncaster that stoned the train this afternoon
  • Martin
    Yeah, TaxPayers' Alliance are just a right-wing Tory front group, who will always be against rail projects.

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