The Mini - still the best car ever

mini Autocar have done a poll about the best UK cars ever, and the original Mini has been deemed to be the best.

The iconic little'un has been in and out of British life for decades, but still remains the key car that is associated with Great Britain.

The Top 100 throws up some rum choices, with Mclaren's F1 at No.2 (yes, because that's a practical runaround innit) and the Jaguar E-Type at No.3.

There was also some love for the elderly Lotus Sunbeam, Chevette HSR, Hillman Imp and even the DeLorean (which only a handful of people had and weighed more than a zoo full of elephants).

The results revealed that Lotus is Britain’s most popular manufacturer of all time, with seven models in the top 100 – more than any other. Hot on the Norfolk-based manufacturer's heels are Jaguar and Ford, both with six models on the list. Aston Martin is up next with five.

Here's the Top Ten, in reverse order:

10. Ford Escort Mexico
9. TVR Griffith
8. Aston Martin DB5
7. Jaguar XJ220
6. McLaren P1
5. Yamaha MOTIV.e
4. Range Rover
3. Jaguar E-type
2. McLaren F1
1. Original Mini

For the full 100, head over to here

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