The Human Car - surely the future of motoring

19 August 2010

Stand aside Sir Clive Sinclair, there’s a new idiot car in town. Taking what the Sinclair C5 did, more or less ignoring it and doing something else instead is the Human Car.

The brainchild of scientist/inventor Charles Greenwood, the Human Car is an idea that he first had in 1968, and has seemingly only just realised. It runs on human power, duck eggs and dreams or something and if this isn’t the future then we’re a bunch of misguided idiots.

Amazingly, the contraption will set you back just $15,500 (that’s only £10k in the UK money) and you can put your flag in one with a deposit of only $50. That seems almost too good to be true – we’ve ordered ten and if they arrive, there’s every chance that we’ll give them away as competition prizes (there’s no chance – we’ll be keeping them).

On his website Charles Greenwood says that the Human Car is “…beautiful and it handles like a dream. It's fast, sexy, makes you ultra healthy and oh yeah, saves the planet. Welcome to the future.”

Thanks Charles!



  • Alan
    Human power ?
  • ry8000
    wtf, is dis real?
  • Mark
    How on earth is he steering it? And for that matter, what's it doing with a dubstep soundtrack?
  • The B.
    I bet Tesla are quaking in their boots.
  • Mel
    I think a guy with one of those would have an equal chance with me as a guy with a porsche. But what if you have spindly arms?
  • Wonkey H.
    Does the Human Centipede drive a human car ?
  • Nellie
    I notice he's surrounded by hills, and doesn't try going up any of 'em...
  • Al
    I went to the webpage about this car to see if I could find out a bit more about how it works. According to their site, the PS PHEV is an FM-4 LMV which is V2G compatible. The HC E4 also has DUET-GEN, HOTTi and is SyncGuideway compatible. The HMI is optional. Must be good with all those acronyms ... or else they're just trying to disguise the fact this is an overpriced battery powered car where a person (rather than an engine) gets to top up the battery.
  • Zleet
    Close up and the wind is tearing through his old man hair so he must be roaring down the road. Wide shot and he's in fact trundling along at two miles an hour. I suppose it must get him plenty of wrinkly vag when he pulls up to the local OAP home between a couple of mobility scooters in his 'Human car'.
  • peter b.
    can just see this on the m62 heading into manchester - where the weather is allways sunny ( FFS ) the stearing looks lethal - - in principal a good idea - poorley deployed

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