The grapes of wrath - £1,400 for a bunch, £30 each

As noted previously on Bitterwallet, the Japanese are plain batshit crazy. More proof ahoy, skipper. Fruit is seemingly considered something of a luxury in Japan, and there's an awful lot of fuss made concerning the first crops to be sold. Like the first bunch of grapes picked, which sold for a little shy of £1,400, or roughly £30 a grape:

Ah Japan, how you keep the whole world entertained with your outlandish nonsense. All we need now is the return of Endurance and the world will be a better place.


  • zeddy
    If we have to put up with Clive James or Tarrant, I'll gladly never watch Endurance again.
  • mR
    cRaZy JaPs
  • Dan A.
    Just a classic:
  • Nobby
    I wonder if they will take £25 for the inevitable rotten grape on the bunch.

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