The future of flying is... only 39 years away.

14 June 2011

If you’ve got a fear of flying, then you’ve got until 2050 to overcome it. That’s because we’ll all be buzzing through the skies in glass aeroplanes by then, or so the boffins at Airbus reckon.

AIR Future 123980

Better still, you’ll be able to play hologram golf as well!

AIR Future 123931

Airbus say there’ll also be a 'vitalising zone' that will help passengers to relax, with vitamin and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments. Which has to be better than sitting next to a fat menopausal woman from Middlesbrough who sweats into your ear as you head home from Menorca.

Hang on – 2050? Your BW editorial team will be in their mid-70s by then. That’s no good! Stupid future...


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  • Andrew
    Does anyone actually want this or do they just want to get where they are going cheaply and quickly? I'd rather spend the extra money playing real golf (if I was sad and into golf) than fannying around on a plane playing holo golf. If transport companies spent more time working on the transport and less on ways to sell you stuff on your travels then I think we'd all be better off.
  • Mile C.
    Mile High Club with a View! Romanticise the experience! :)
  • The B.
    Seeing as most airlines use planes that are about 30 years old, it's all very well saying that these will be in production by 2050 but will anyone use them? Unlikely, in fact by 2050, most airlines should just about have individual screens on the back of chairs.
  • PokeHerPete
    The golf thing looks cool at first, but then think of all the cunts queueing for a go on the Wii at game stores. Fuck it.
  • Michael O.
    Feck it, we'll charge yous t' look out of de windae, so we will.
  • Phil76
    Just give me a seat with half-decent leg room and leave me alone, that's all I need.
  • Dick
    No point really. What can you see? Clouds. More clouds. Maybe better on takeoff and landing. And you could never sleep on one of those during daylight hours.
  • Cheesey
    Nervous passengers will shit their pants when they land at some airports. Talking of shitting, does the toilet have a view too?
  • will
    Where do you put your cabin baggage?
  • MrRobin
    It's rather depressing, actually, if that is the industry leaders' vision of flying 40 years into the future. A cabin full of gadgets... whoop de do. What the hell happened to supersonic flight?
  • me
    Ryanair flights in the future will offer you a muffin and a tesco value cola if you pay extra for it.
  • Gunn
    Only for the rich no doubt, who cares about that, just get me there faster please, less time in the air the better.
  • Virgin
    In 39 years there won't be much in the way of aviation fuel so it will cost too much for almost anybody to fly anyway and so too much to invest in fancy new planes. We'll all be screwed (fianally).

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