The flight safety vid that is certain to provoke violence

If you’re flying Air New Zealand in the near future, for God’s sake, don’t do it with a head-fuckering hangover. That’s because you might be subjected to their ‘wacky’ take on the in-flight safety demonstration.

They’re probably aware that so many of us ignore it because we’re too busy wondering when we can take our seat belts off or thinking about what it’s like to be in the mile high club. So they’ve ‘reimagined’ the whole thing – with ageing American keep fit guru Richard Simmons leading the safety troupe.

See how much of it you can watch without wanting to test how smashable an aeroplane window is. Bonus points if you guess how old Simmons is without resorting to an intermaweb search.


  • Matt
    I prefer the other one with the naked flight crew in it... Maybe BA staff should occupy themselves with something like this, they are obviously over paid and bored with their jobs the number of times they can afford to strike each year!
  • Rando
    Naked flight crew...? I missed that... :(
  • Milton t.
    check out whos line is it anyway american version with him - brilliant

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