The end of an era at Ryanair. Almost. Nearly.

Bitterwallet - goodbye Michael O'Leary. Nearly.There's sad news for fans of both hokey consumer news sites and budget airline travel. It looks like Bitterwallet will be coming to an end. In two to three years time. Possibly longer, we're not sure. See, we feel we can't go on unless Sky Marshall Michael O'Leary is our wing-man, yet it seems his days as Chief Executive of Ryanair are numbered. It's quite a substantial number, but it's a number nevertheless.

O'Leary publicly has stated on an Irish radio station that "in two or three years' time, I expect to be gone out of Ryanair". Before he departs, he's rather keen to see Ryanair snap up the struggling Irish flag-carrier Aer Lingus, the airline he's attempted to buy twice before in the past three years. Buying Aer Lingus at a bargain price would give Ryanair access to transatlantic routes, potentially securing the budget airline's future expansion.

It'll be a sad day when O'Leary departs, but until then we hope for many more fruitful years slamming the Sky Marshall for taking the eyes out of his customers and gurning like a prize twat on national television.


  • Crisp
    I love ryanair, as shit as the flights are if you are smart and avoid the costs its just a bargain. £2 return to barca, dublin and more in the last few years all in - I just cant find fault with that. Sure it's like catching a horrible bus for an hour or so but hey - you want to get everything included and more comfort, just pay more. Im grateful for the choice tbh!
  • Inactive
    Indeed, it is easy to knock Ryainair, but no other airline offers the fantastic bargain deals that they do.
  • Gunn
    Are Ryanair likely to get Aer Lingus?? Aren't they part owned by the Government?
  • andy y.
    yes but the irish govt is a busted flush.they will have to sell anything they can
  • The B.
    Ah Ryanair, flown with them once but for all the hassle of getting to Stanstead for 4am to catch a cheap flight on a plane that looked as though it had been borrowed from a 1970's disaster movie and was powered by a very large elastic band I think I'll stick with Easyjet who have nice new planes, fly from Gatwick and still try to stitch you up but try not to be such unpleasant bastards about it.
  • Bob B.
    O Leary buying Cunni Lingus? Now theres a first.
  • james d.
    The Real Bob- Ryan air have the newest fleet of any European airline, they are almost all Boeing 737s which are a well regarded high quality aircraft. Easyjet also have lots of 737s in addition to airbus aircraft, they are just older. Ryan air also fly from Gatwick and Luton and not all their flights are at 4am. The only major London airport they don't fly from is Heathrow. If you're going to criticise Ryanair at least make sure things you say are true. Reference: "Next Generation aircraft have an average age of just over 2.5 years (against the average world fleet age of around 11 years2) and future growth plans provide for the acquisition of a further 140 brand new aircraft of this type."
  • Callum
    I would be happy for Ryan Air to get Aer Lingus. While New York obviously won't pop up in their 1p flight sales, hopefully they will have the same sort of ridiculous sale on them occasionally.
  • kev
    the bigger news about ryanair imo is that the payment method for avoiding credit card booking fees is being changed from visa electron to prepaid Mastercards
  • Masood
    Nothing can be said about this irritating twat that hasnt already been said. I'm in the anti-Ryanair camp and yes, I pay more to fly with anyone else wherever possible. But if it works for you to fly with them good on you.
  • Credit C.
    Southwest all the way! :)
  • Hmm
    So O'Leary whinges and whines about the lack of competition in the Irish air market, but then wants to buy their main competitor leaving 70% of flights as a choice between Ryanair or Ryanair in Ireland? Lucky them!
  • Daniel
    I think O’Leary will find another airline to run! Aer Lingus maybe? Why not, low cost long haul flight...a dream! 8 hours with Ryanair's in flight experience!!! O'Leary already announced his depart in 2005. At this time he said he'll leave in 2008... I'm not sure that he'll quit so fast!

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