The Downfall parody where Hitler flies Ryanair

There's a distinct lack of punctuation in the subtitles, but don't let that put you off. Call us mystical seers if you will, but we think this type of Downfall parody could catch on and be used in a variety of surprising and hilarious situ- what's that? Oh.

'"Lufthansas's motto is "Something special's in the air". Do you know what Ryanair's is? It's "What the fuck do you want now?"'

via [Triphunter]


  • Nobby
    That's one of the better ones. I love the resignation of the last comment. And the flying to Rome joke. You missed "now" of Ryanair's motto.
  • Paul S.
    Amended. Ta Nobby :)
  • poopants
    "they only allow 20kg in the hold, fucking nazis!" pure class!

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