The days are already getting shorter at this London hotel

Bitterwallet - Lancaster Court HotelIt's because of hotel rooms like this that I'm already of the firm opinion that everything within a mile radius of Paddington station could be set fire to and London would be none the poorer for it. I swore I'd never return but the bank balance insisted otherwise, so it was with a heavy heart I paid £84 and checked into the Lancaster Court Hotel.

I could piss and moan about the fire doors being propped open; the room's main lightswitch being at the normal height of a light switch, except on a draw string; no toilet in the room, and only one working toilet on three floors; a bedside lamp that had been screwed into the top of a piece of furniture purpose-built but serving no purpose at all; wardrobe doors that refuse to close etc.

None of that has irritated me as much as the WiFi set-up. Yes, you've got to pay - I think it's shortsighted but it's to be expected. What's upsetting is how the Lancaster Court Hotel (and hotels using the same third party set-up, no doubt) redefines the length of a day:

Bitterwallet - Lancaster Court Hotel

What's that? You checked in at 3pm and paid for a day's worth of internet service? Your WiFi will be looking to suck your wallet dry further before you wake up, sir. This room cost £84 a night. Internet service costs £20 from an afternoon check-in to departure the next morning. No toilet for three floors? No problem - the WiFi takes the piss.


  • Stringer B.
    That piece of furniture could actually be a toilet...!?? London hotel- making us all want to east lightbulbs for visiting London Village.
  • Bill B.
    I saw that screenshot and thought I could rent a room there for 2 hours for £4... ;)
  • Fred
    I have been to many guest house for less than that per night, with free WiFi!
  • Dick
    Even worse, at 3am two eastern europeans come in and get into the bed with you, as they have booked room for the second slot. That actually happened to me once, although they were indian or pakistani, in a hovel in Birmingham. The hotel rented the room twice, gave out two sets of keys, and these guys had late shifts.

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