The cyclist airbag is a wheely good idea

22 October 2010

So the good news is that this airbag for cyclists - a Swedish invention for a university thesis - protects the head in the instance of traffic accidents and various bicycle blunders. The device was not only tested on dummies, but stunt men and women too. Lucky, lucky people.

The bad news? As the first test shows, your spine will still be shattered in seventeen different places. But hey, nurses can always set your back in a plaster cast, whereas there's not much they can do to fix your brain when it's already leaking out your ears.



  • Ed L.
    Look how well it protected the car windscreen, barely a scratch.
  • skin
    Nice idea, no doubt expensive cumbersome etc,. If you are busy preparing for the weekend and have actually watched this then... shouldn't you just wear a bleeding helmet, comes to mind. Helf and sefety gone maaad
  • Colin
    If its the only way to protect my bonnet then so be it, compulsory. The forward fall was rubbish, even the camera man sniggered.
  • none
    Was hit by a skip lorry, fractured my skull and suffered a blot clot on my brain. Was wearing a helmet but helmets dont cover the bottom of your skull and thats where the lorry hit me. The moral of the story...dont get hit by a skip lorry with a drive that was not looking!!
  • poo p.
    Surely just strapping a fully inflated rubber dinggy to your back whilst cycling would acheive the same effect???
  • Mark C.
    What a silly idea - everyone knows one of these is perfectly siufficient for cycling in London...
  • will
    so what part of this protects you from the bike hurling towards your face?
  • Josh
    Isn't this just a replacement for a helmet, but worse.
  • skelator
    # Posted by none | October 22nd, 2010 at 4:21 pm Was wearing a helmet but helmets dont cover the bottom of your skull and thats where the lorry hit me. ,,,, fuck me you must have a big skull
  • Merissa B.
    This is often I technology that I might love the way to be capable a way to usage for myself. this’s simply a cut on top of the remainder as well as I will’t wait till my supplier has this. Ones New insight i has what I needed. Thanks

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