The cost of calling in Europe just got cheaper

1 July 2011

mobile phoneIt'll still cost you several mortgage repayments if you so much as as look at your mobile while elsewhere in the world, but there's good news for those out and about in Europe. The EU is continuing to force down the cost of calls made to and from EU countries.

Ongoing EU restrictions mean that from today, service providers are prevented from charging more than 32p per minute (plus VAT) for outgoing calls, and 10p per minute (plus VAT) for incoming calls. They'd actually love to charge you much more; the gradual reductions were introduced four years ago, and several UK operators have since attempted to challenge the ruling in the European Court of Justice. They were told to go away and get on with it.

There's some possible good news on dat, tooa - the EU also reduced the wholesale rate of mobile data from 72p to 45p per MB, a 37.5% cut. Of course that's just the wholesale price of what service providers charge one another for the use of their networks, but if the cost to the consumer was reduced accordingly, we'd be paying around £1.88 for a MB of data instead of £3. That's unlikely to happen though, since networks aren't bound by the regulations to lower the charge to consumers. Meh.

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  • The B.
    "There’s some possible good news on dat, tooa" I know when I end up typing like that it's either the Android keyboard or booze that causes it, it's Friday afternoon so I'm guessing a combo of the two?

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