The car in 2015 - or so we reckon...

Take a good look dear readers, as THIS could well be the future of motoring.

tiny car2

Yes, to all intents and purposes it might look like a Dyson, but those in the know reckon that we’ll all be tootling about in an EN-V eventually. 2015 we reckon.

A two-seater, it has twin electric motors and something calling itself ‘dynamic stablisation technology’ that allows it to ‘turn on a penny’. It’ll charge from an ordinary electric socket and you’ll get 25 miles out of a full charge at 25mph.

tiny car

Parking doesn’t need to be a problem, as once you’ve got out of it, you’ll be able to just wear it over your head like a crash helmet.

As yet, no one knows how much it’ll cost or if it’ll ever be available. But we can dream, can’t we?



  • Plop
    These are like cars from the futurerer or something!!! :-D
  • br04dyz
    This will not happen because: a) the potholes down my road would eat these bean cars - they'd go in em, but they wont get out of em b) clarkson will HATE them c) you won't be able to curb crawl in them Face it world....the Jetsons LIED!
  • What M.
    [...] Bitter Wallet blogs about a futuristic car my kids would LOVE. [...]
  • brian
    what happened to cars that fly! That is the future
  • piggy
    25 miles out of a full charge at 25mph... That's not what I would call 'useful'...
  • David
    Looks like they will be easy and fun to topple over with a quick push. Can't wait. Wouldn't be seen dead with even my Dad in one like.
  • Gunn
    So Sinclair wasn't mad after all.
  • steve
    Large windscreen, be great for dogging :)
  • bob
    What a crock of shit. A bicycle is better than that invention.
  • yahya b.
    Nice Cares But I Think Tey Will Be So Expensive hhhhhhh

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