The Best Western Inn... you'll never leave!

You'll either spend the first night trying to count all the atoms in the trouser press, or you'll lock yourself in the bathroom for nine hours while your left hand screams and your right hand stares at you:



  • Alice C.
    I regularly lock myself in the toilet for 9 hours with only my hands for company, Cheryl and Katrina, they're very good at what they do.
  • The B.
    Do we know what type? If it's black microdots then I'm not interested, purple ohms, green dragons or any heavily strychnine based acid would be most welcome however.
  • pauski
    The real Bob - I agree, but as we all know with BW readers - they will hide it in the room price or something.
  • Mewling P.
    Fuck purple ohms - give me a window pane any day!
  • Bullet
    Free LSD or a Pillow Mint, your choice.

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