The best travel guide you will ever read about Australia

Bitterwallet - Khaleej Times"I was recently in Dubai on business and reading a newspaper called the Khaleej Times, when a promotional booklet about Australia fell out," says avid Bitterwallet reader Colin. "One page in particular tickled me."

"I think it must have been written by a disgruntled Kiwi. Perhaps you could find the author and thank him for amusing me. Needless to say I have emailed this to every Aussie I know."

If you want a scant yet satisfying flavour of Australia's major cities, coupled with a constant nagging reminder of the country's convict past, this is the only travel guide we recommend.

You can see the full page here.

Bitterwallet - Canberra

Bitterwallet - Adelaide


  • Nobby
    They like their jokes at the Khaleej Times. Currently on their website they have a story about Alan Pardew becoming the new manager of Newcastle United. Fucking crazy bastards.
  • The B.
    I chuckled at Adelaide, widely known to have set itself up as the retirement capital of Oz, in so doing shutting down every club, bar and basically anything young people like. Fast forward 15 years and tada, no young people to look after the oldies, no old people because they've all died off and Adelaide has to re-invent itself again. It sounds like it was run by my local authority.

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