Thanks O2, but I'll live without your spammy travel insurance

Texts from mobile carriers to remind you of roaming data costs are one thing, but this sort of thing is spam, plain and simple. Avid Bitterwallet reader Tony is currently in Spain, where he received this text from O2. Who knew that mobile service providers were also professional insurance brokers too?

Bitterwallet - O2 sell travel insurance


  • david
    Don't be an idiot. Reselling on behalf of someone else packaged as their own in return for commission. Otherwise why the hell would a phone company get involved?
  • PaulH
    Perhaps they mean phone insurance?...Or is that being a bit stupid...
  • JJ
    Get over it, this is hardly news.
  • toddy
    @JJ If you want news, bugger off to the daily mail website
  • Andy D.
    This is clearly two days old... yawn.
  • issac h.
    They once texted me in Turkey advertising some silly bloody ringtone and pinched all my credit.........bastards
  • Uninterested
    I cant believe I wasted 30 secons of my life reading this! Utter pap. So you got a text advertising O2 insurance abroad. Ignore it. You likely have wrong privacy settings with them. Yawn
  • tfeb
    Just reply the word STOP when you get home and it will stop. But the fact you can call a number for free from abroad from your phone and get insured aint exactly the worse thing they have ever done!
  • Ben
    innit. If you're angry about getting marketing texts, either opt out after the first one, or if this IS the first one, get some anger counselling so you don't shit your load the second some spam drops in your lap. Bitterwallet - HERE 2 HALP

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