Thames Estuary airport plans to be thoroughly examined, okay?

thames estuary airportHave you heard about the plans for a new airport in the Thames Estuary? As you can imagine, there's a lot of people tutting and swearing about it while others look at it as a good thing to generate revenue and jobs.

And, because of that, the government is going to hold a formal consultation about it all, which will be undertaken in March. Of course, no decisions on anything at all have been made as yet, but London Mayor Boris Johnson backs the Thames airport idea. That's not particularly surprising is it? The news that Nick Clegg opposes it, is neither here nor there because he has to do what he's told by David Cameron.

Labour meanwhile are trying to work out if they can argue against the 'for' AND 'against' parties because they don't have the vaguest notion of what to do with themselves at the minute.

The airport itself would be built, in part, on reclaimed land and could be on either an island or a peninsula, however, there's a whole bunch of environmental concerns. Campaigners are worried about wintering birds who use that particular bit of the estuary and they must be protected apparently.

The BBC report that passenger demand for London's airports is forecast to increase from 140 million passengers a year in 2010 to 400 million passengers a year by 2050, so something is going to have to give. Colin Matthews, chief executive of airport operator BAA, which runs Heathrow, said he was pleased the government was recognising the need for more airport capacity, however, he warned that London "can't have two hubs" and all a new airport would mean is that Heathrow would become much smaller,

He says: "The consequences of closing Heathrow wouldn't just be big for my company. It would be big for 100,000 jobs in this part of London. It's a huge issue economically, a huge issue politically." Boris Johnson meanwhile, is worried that the UK isn't moving quickly enough in the aviation field, noting: "We can't go on expecting Britain to compete with France, Germany and other European countries when we simply can't supply the flights to these growth destinations - China, Latin America. We are being badly left behind."


  • Boris
    Support the Boris Johnson International Airport (just a modest proposal for the name) before the frogs and krauts get all our delicious jobs. It will be constructed from the usless waste when we pull all those 'legacy' buildings from the Olympics down. Recycling - bish bosh! Colim Matthews - Uber-twat. Can't you have two London railway stations then? You can have as many hubs as you want you monopolist moron. Vote BJIA!
  • klingelton
    space is at a premium in london right?? so locate the airport at the end of HS1 and justify the costs of that project. The train trip to london would take as long as a costly tube extension AAAAANNNND the benefits the airport bring would benefit the entire country, not just concentrate wealth in the south. Just a thought.
  • Boris
    @klingelton Hark at you with your "joined up thinking" Fin;, I'll move your railway a bit - The bloody Northerners will have to wash before they are allowed off the train though.
  • Mike H.
    Yeah, fuck the wildlife, as long as I can take my 3rd holiday slightly cheaper.
  • Boris
    @Mike I think all of the avid readers agree with your statement Mike - assuming the wildlife in question are foxes.
  • Dick
    The Thames Estuary doesn't start until about Canvey Island, so it is not that close to London. And what is going to happen to Southend (or London Southend) Airport? This has only recently been expanded. Whilst the idea of having the airport over the estuary sounds good since it keeps flightpaths away from people, it will affect birdlife on the marshes. So why not just expand Southend airport further, or start a new airport from scratch in Essex / Suffolk, and provide decent train links into Liverpool Street?
  • Dick
    @ Boris - the problem with more than one hub is that they will either need to duplicate flight destinations or you need to travel between them if your incoming flight lands at one airport, and the destination flight only goes from the other. If one hub is 30-60 minutes east of London (Canvey/Benfleet/Southend area) and the other is west (Heathrow), then that's a couple of hours travel between them on cheap public transport, or 40 minutes at probably £50 on a Heathrow Express type link. So a two hub London would not work as a proper hub like Schipol, and people would not use London as a connection point.
  • james D.
    we could of course stop doing everyfucking thing in london, the rest of the UK does exist ya know. Seriously I think I could get a bus from bristol into london in the time it takes to get through security at heathrow sometimes.
  • Boris
    The rest of the UK is not run by me (yet) so I don't care.
  • Boris
    I have decided that the artificial island will be called "Fantasy Island". You will be greeted by dwarves and hot women. What fantasy would you like yor host Lord Boris to fulfill on you arrival? There will be no prizes.
  • Sicknote
    Let's face it; the Thames estuary is pumped full of partly treated sewage 24 hours a day and only now someone gives a fuck about a fuck about the wildlife. Get a life you wankers and build the fucking airport.
  • RTFS
    There are dozens of perfectly good airports within a couple of hours of Losin that are grossly under-utilised. Improve links to those rather than building a giant shrine to Boris.
  • Grumpy
    @Boris: No prizes? You mean another fucking BW competition with no prizes? Bastards!
  • niknak
    Boss Boss! Da Plane!
  • Basil B.
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