TfL release map showing walking time between stops



Suppose its useful if you want to walk between stops on the same line but its fairly pointless for showing distances between lines. We'll file this one under "yeah, thanks".


  • Plodder
    Funny - on July 8th Mof thought the map was great. Running out of new things to say?
  • CJN1946
    It is not pointless if it encourages you to walk between stops and not waste time struggling through the tube when it is quicker to walk. Great idea.
  • Ben T.
    @CJN - yep, thats what we've said. Ideal for walking on the same line (especially during strikes and whatnot) but not incredibly useful for walking between stops on different lines. Then again, you'd probably just use Maps of some sort.
  • Pie M.
    It's a pretty good idea, actually. If I was forced to live in Shit City, which thank Christ I'm not, I'd rather walk than travel on the filthy, smelly tube with a load of rude, humourless southerners.

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