Tfl back down on Uber crackdown

uber taxi Uber have just had some good news, after Transport for London decided they were going to stop pursuing the idea that there should be new rules, such as the one that would see passengers having to endure a minimum five-minute wait between ordering and getting in their cab.

Boris Johnson, the king of all Londoners, said that these ideas "did not find widespread support" and the whole thing is being dropped.

TfL have a different idea, and said that they're now looking at making minicabs pay the £11.50 a day London congestion fee, and big operators like Uber will be charged more for a minicab licence. This all sounds like charges that are going to be passed onto customers, which is no good.

Johnson said that regulators can't "disinvent the internet", and that this whole thing is a "victory for common sense." Uber have warned that certain proposals will just mean they stop running their service in London altogether. The Mayor added: "We’re pleased TfL has listened to the views of passengers and drivers, dropping the bonkers ideas proposed last year like compulsory five minute wait times and banning showing cars in apps."

"It means Uber can continue to keep London moving with a convenient, safe and affordable ride at the push of a button."

Of course, black cab drivers won't be happy about this at all, who have long protested against the rise of Uber in the UK. There'll be more arguments about the service, but for now, Uber customers can carry on as they are.

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