Ter-mayor-nator Zuokas deals with naughty parkers with extreme prejudice.

The UK’s most high-profile mayor is lovely, sinister old Boris Johnson, with his fluffy hair, bumbling demeanour and barely-hidden lust for absolute power. But what will Boris be best remembered for? Probably his ‘Boris bikes’ – the fleet of bicycles that allow Londoners to perambulate hither and thither around our nation’s capital.

Screw that for a legacy. We’ve found an even more bike-friendly civic leader than Boris – it’s Mayor Zuokas of Vilnius, Lithuania. If he comes across a car that’s been carelessly parked in a bicycle lane, he simply crushes it in his armoured personnel carrier…

In what was clearly an orchestrated stunt (but one that has amused us greatly), the maniacal Mayor said: “I've had enough of these drivers parking their luxury cars on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. This tank is a good tool to solve the problem of parking in the wrong place.”

It seems that rich people are quite keen on parking their flash cars wherever they like in Vilnius, and social media campaigns where they are named and shamed haven’t had any effect. Cue Mayor Zuokas bringing out the hardware.

Next week, we’re hoping he’ll start wrestling litterbugs to the ground and removing their hands with his angle-grinder…


  • Brian
    COPY story from the daily mail
  • Nick T.
    Nice to see some decent bike lanes and no traffic in the "less developed" Eastern Europe...
  • Dick
    So like most politicians he has a second job, as a road sweeper.
  • Justin M.
    Seems a bit over zealous. They remove your car with a clawlift onto a flatbed in my city. Surely he can be charged with destruction of property?
  • Grumpy

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