Tat's Kind Of Like A Club Card

As you might be aware, the British government are trying to further criminalise prostitution by proposing a set of bizarre new laws relating to kerb-crawling. Meanwhile, the Germans are going in completely the opposite direction, with one leading brothel launching a customer incentive scheme.

If someone told you that you could have a lifetime of free entry to Whipsnade Zoo if you tattooed their logo on to your arm, you’d probably have a think about then say, ‘No thanks.’

Throw sex into the mix and things get tastier. Cologne’s Pascha, said to be the largest brothel in Europe, has had blokes queuing around the block for that very same offer (the offer being free entry into the brothel, not Whipsnade Zoo – that would be mad.)

Of course, they won’t get free rein once they’re inside. If they want some one-on-one sausage-hiding action, they’ll still be obliged to pay the ‘sex worker’ in question (as prostitutes now seem to be called.)

But they will cop for cheap drink and lap dancing offers, and that seems to have been sufficient enticement for hundreds of German men to line up and have the logo of a whorehouse indelibly scored into their flesh.

Suddenly, Whipsnade Zoo seems like an incredibly dull proposition. Unless you’re lucky enough to see two of the animals humping of course.

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  • David P.
    They might as well carry signs with them saying, "I'm a pervert"!

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