Life's for shrieking - the ear-piercing truth behind T-Mobile's ad

Auto-tuning is the curse of the modern world. There isn't a song bothering the pop parade that hasn't been tweaked like a tart's nipple. But it's not just our pop heroes that are falling into league with this pitch-perfect devil; many of our television commercials have also been fiddled with.

Take the new T-Mobile commercial - their musical extravaganza at Heathrow airport sounded very different before the studio producers got their hands on it, according to avid Bitterwallet reader Jake Yapp. The damned rapscallions:

[Jake Yapp]


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  • Nobby
    That's another reason I don't use T-mobile.
  • kv
    gayer than gay
  • Eldini
    More like T-cunt-mobile, amirite?
  • Skinheed

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