"Swine what? Wrong country, señor. Kthnxbai."

With the whole world cancelling holidays and flights to Mexico, the death toll increasing and new cases of infection been reported around the globe, everyone is warning against travelling there.

Except, it seems the Mexicans.

Want some advice on visiting Mexico? Are there any areas worse affected than others? What about essential travel? Don't ask them, because they seem to have their fingers in their ears while whistling loudly. The official tourism website visitmexico.com doesn't mention swine flu at all:

Spot the visitor advice? Perhaps the tourism board's official line concerning swine flu is buried away in some remote FAQ page?

You'd have thought they'd maybe mention it at least once, what with it threatening to become a global pandemic and all? There are of course plenty of official sources available, alongside the panic-mongering 24 hour-a-day news channels, but we recommend Lonely Planet's excellent Thorntree forums, which have set up a thread dedicated to travel advice.


  • i d.
    its shows manny from grim fandango in the website. he is from the land of the dead. its a blatent clue isn't it.
  • bykergrove
    BBC LATEST: Jordan and Peter Andre have contracted swine flu and tamiflu is out of stock at their local GP. experts say they only have hours to live and max clifford is on his way. Expect theatre show in 3 weeks.
  • Andy T.
    You would think it would be under "events", but nope...
  • Papa S.
  • Mr D.
    Senior? I think you surely mean señor, señor?
  • Mike H.
    Yes, and don't you also mean OK, Thanks Bye? God, some people...
  • JOEL
    Isn't there enough media coverage of the swine flu anyway? I personnally prefer that there's no mention of the flu on their website.
  • Paul S.
    @Mr Dictionary, you're completely right, señor.
  • Martin
    Egypt is the place to go. But not if you look like a pig.
  • Rene G.
    Mira lo que me encontre

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