Survey reveals British Airways finally good at something

Right now, there are very few polls or survey in which British Airways can claim to be number one, except for pissing the most passengers off, perhaps. Here's another, however - Webcredible, a company that tests websites for user experience and interaction, has rated BA the top website for customers to book flights on.

Twenty best practice guidelines were used to assess each of the twenty websites, each up to a maximum score of 5, providing a total rating out of 100. British Airways was top of the pile last year, although easyJet have improved from 50% to 77%, while Ryanair are now in 8th place - a marked improvement on last year's bottom place. The top ten looks like this:

  1. British Airways – 78%
  2. EasyJet – 77%
  3. Virgin Atlantic – 75%
  4. TravelRepublic – 73%
  5. BMI – 70%
  6. Expedia – 68%
  7. Travelocity – 68%
  8. Ryanair – 66%
  9. Ebookers – 65%
  10. Opodo – 64%

At the bottom of the pile are three travel agents - First Choice, ThomsonFly and Thomas Cook; it doesn't mean they're the most expensive or that the wings are more likely to fall off their planes, of course.


  • Mike H.
    Trouble is, that just says their site is good, the service could be absolutely abomnable, but as long as their website's OK, that's o'reet, then.
  • Nobby
    The problem with surveys like this is that "Use appropriate up-selling" is equally weighted to "Make it easy to refine the search or look for another flight" and "Allow sorting & manipulation of the results". I couldn't give a (flying) fuck about appropriate up-selling, so for me putting it on an equivalent importance as refining searches means that the results are skewed away from what I care about.
  • speedski
    BA's site sucks -its slow and always seems to have an attitude problem - not least when you're booking a flight seat, if someone else books at the same time at the rate you have on screen it gets all the way to the end to then tell you that the rate has changed - it doesn't prompt the new price, it just tells you it can't book it and you have to start again... I bloody hate these general surveys...
  • Spark
    First Choice, ThomsonFly and Thomas Cook I would seriously rather sail to my holidays on an African slave ship than use any one of those three airlines. You would probably get more respect on the slave ship as well.
  • andy y.
    More shit recycled PR release journalism.;
  • Nobby
    Flights Online: Ensuring Your Site Takes Off I'm waiting for the follow-up "Ensuring Your Flight Takes Off"
  • Dave
    Well I've been on hold for a total of 30 minutes over the past 2 days trying to register my 'advanced passenger information' with Thomson, and no one seems to be answering, so they lose in my eyes...
  • Jack T.
    The BA site is easy to run. All it has to say is 'You're going nowhere with us'.

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