Summer holiday strikes a possibility for British Airways

If you booked your family's summer holiday at some point last year, you'd have probably assumed Unite's ongoing dispute with British Airways would be resolved long before it was time to pack your bags. Sorry about that. The row has gone on for nearly a year and a half with no progress made, and now more strike action is looming... in August.

Yesterday, the union set a deadline for British Airways to come to the table and resolve the issues concerning staff reductions, pay and packages. If no agreement is found within the week, then the union intends to call for a new strike ballot that would likely end in the last week of July.

If members vote in favour of strikes, then industrial action could threaten flights throughout August, making BA even more unpopular with consumers than it already is. British Airways are remaining bullish about the possibility of such action - but then they have to: there have already been three weeks worth of strikes during this dispute, that have cost the airline an estimated £150 million. Regardless, BA is saying it plans to run all long-haul services and most short-haul flights if there is further action.

More troubles for the summer ahead, then, and no doubt time for the broadsheets to trot out a glut of Top 50 'staycation' holiday supplements.


  • Matt
    If you can afford to strike and take 3 weeks unpaid leave during a year you are obviously getting paid too much in the first place - Hence the BA management are right not to give in.
  • Carl
    British Airways? Shittish airways more like...
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    BA staff are already amongst the highest paid commercial flight staff in the world. Greedy bastards, no sympathy at all.
  • The B.
    Compare BA to say Easyjet, now the Easyjet fleet is newer than the BA fleet and I actually prefer flying with them on business travel because they're cheaper, there's something like (and I can't remember the actual figures) 40 members of BA staff to the equivalent Easyjet for the same routes. From which you can conclude that BA need to streamline, the strikers are utter morons, the unions are living in the 1970's and sooner or later they'll destroy the company.
  • alex j.
    I dont know which is greedier or more corrupt. Unions or corporations. When the 2 clash it's a lose lose lose situation for all parties involved. Workers, management, and consumers.
  • Jonas
    Sack everyone who strikes, its the same rubbish as with what happened with postal workers. Now its the flight attendants thinking they are invaluable whereas they could easily be replaced by someone with a days training. I remember watching on the news interviews with the strikers, they complained of only being on 15k a year and not getting paid sick days. Sorry, you knew that when you took the job right? If you want more pay and paid sick days, get another job.

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