Strikes threaten to ground British Airways at Christmas

If you're planning to fly abroad at Christmas, it may be worth avoiding British Airways for the time being. After a lengthy catalogue of cutbacks in service, desperate measures and record losses, the airline's disastrous year could be crowned with a series of strikes during the festive holidays, leaving passengers well and truly screwed.

Bitterwallet - British AirwaysCabin crew and union representatives are meeting today to discuss the possibility of strike action, following nine months of negotiations with BA. The changes proposed by the airline include pay freezes for two years and reducing the number of cabin crew on long-haul flights from Heathrow. BA are hoping that 1,000 staff will request voluntary redundancy and more than 3,000 will request having their roles reduced to part-time hours. In a recession. Gotcha.

The results of the ballot on possible strike action is set to be announced on December 14th; since unions must give seven days notice of industrial action, it could mean BA flights are suspended before and after Christmas.


  • Bari P.
    So by telling everyone there is a possibility of strikes we all book elsewhere. Making BA's year even poorer thus meaning more people may lose their jobs!
  • DavtT
    Turkeys voting for Christmas - when are these stupid unions going to get it? The days of taking the piss are gone - BA are going to cut costs or you are all going to be working for Ryanair. The public don't support you - they just don't care anymore - wise up or sign on now!
  • TeflonMan
    Now come on - Would you take that risk? At a busy time of year when there's a good chance BA might have difficulty re-booking you on another airline?
  • Paddy
    BA can go under as far as I'm concerned. When will the Unions realise that this is not the 1970's? It didn't work for British Leyland and it certainly will not work for BA in the current economic climate. I never use BA because of their tendency to go on strike even when they're slightly cheaper -I'd rather pay an extra £150 on a flight to NZ (like I did last year) as that extra £150 ensures that I'm not going to be stranded by a strike.
  • James
    I never got the logic of striking due to job losses when a company is facing collosal losses. I half want Willie Walsh to come out after the strike to congratulate them all on forcing the company in receivership and now they have all lost their jobs.
  • Kacey
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