Strikes on Virgin Atlantic avoided; BA talks continue

8 September 2010

Bitterwallet - Virgin AtlanticWe recently reported on the threat of dual strikes on two of the UK's major airlines - British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Thankfully, that's not going to happen - guess which one has sorted itself out? Yeah.

Virgin Atlantic had been at loggerheads with the pilot's union BALPA over the reduction of holidays for pilots, amongst other issues, but the dispute has been resolved and there'll be no industrial action as a result.

What's interesting is the view of the union; this is BALPA's Jim McAuslan speaking about the negotiations:

“Both sides have conducted talks that were frank, to the point and creative. Whilst the issue has created much debate, we are now happy with both the agreement and the ground that has been laid for our future relationship with the company."

Happy. To the point. Creative. Perhaps Virgin Atlantic really are unlike any other company, or maybe this union goes about business differently. Regardless, paid-up passengers to British Airways are no doubt hoping their dispute will be resolved in a similar fashion.

The airline and union Unite are due to meet again next week to negotiate over cabin crew pay and conditions, with further disruptions to flights threatened if the matter isn't resolved.

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