Strike a flight - are you affected by industrial action?

Bitterwallet - airline cancellations and delaysWho'd want to get on a plane this week, eh? Europe is screeeewed. Getting around isn't too easy as thousands of pilots, air traffic controllers and cabin crew conspire to ruin your day. What's going on, then? And will you still be leaving on a jet plane later in the week?

Yesterday, 4,000 pilots at German airline Lufthansa began four days of strikes - the good news is that the action was called off after a day. The bad news? Flights are likely to remain affected until Friday. For further information on affected flights, Lufthansa has made their adhoc schedules available online.

Meanwhile French air traffic controllers today began a four day strike - no real reason, they just enjoy it - meaning hundreds of flights in and out of Paris are severely delayed or cancelled. Airlines have cut half of services at Orly airport and a quarter at Charles de Gaulle, and easyJet - one of France's major operators - has also been forced to cut flights in and out of Lyon. You can check to see whether your flight is affected through the easyJet flight schedules.

And then the news that after plenty of huffing and puffing at Christmas, over four fifths of British Airways cabin crew have once again voted to strike. So what does this mean if you've booked up to travel with BA? At the moment, absolutely nothing - while the union Unite now have the ability to legally strike, they've announced they won't decide on when to take action until they've held further talks with BA's management.

According to the BBC, Unite have also announced there will be no strikes over Easter - presumably their experience at Christmas taught the union that striking at times of peak travel only sours public support.


  • Tom P.
    I'm sure Unite would cancel any future strike action, if BA gave all the cabin staff a free PAYG iPhone (3gs)
  • Skymarshall
    Ryanair FTW!! :D
  • Klunk
    "Meanwhile French air traffic controllers today began a four day strike – no real reason, they just enjoy it" Objective, intelligent reporting at it's best. Well done.
  • Spark
    If the Ryanair staff went on strike then Ryanair would just replace them with Tesco Value range cabin crew droids, making sure to add on an additional 'droid fuel' charge to the passenger.

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