Stopping at a Premier Inn? Send us your photos!

4 May 2011

Premier-Inn-ChallengeYesterday we started the hunt for the Premier Inn featured in their latest television advert. If you missed it, have a look at the post and let us know where the heavenly vision seen from the Premier Inn room window can be found.

While we continue our search, we'd like your photos of similarly picturesque views from the windows of Premier Inn rooms. After all, if the view in the advert is completely fictitious, then maybe it's simply representative of the typical view that guests can enjoy? That'll be it.

So without further ado, here's the view from the window of the Premier Inn that avid Bitterwallet reader Rich recently stayed in:

Bitterwallet - Premier Inn view form RichS

Like staring into the eyes of angel, that. Let's have more of them please! What can YOU see out of your Premier Inn window? Take a photo and send it to [email protected]


  • Tom
    Well, I'm pretty sure (although not 100% sure) that I recognise those red cliffs, as they are unique to a small area between Sidmouth & Torbay in Devon. They look too high to be on the west of the river Exe, so my best guess would be somewhere between Salcome Regis and Exmouth. And there's no Premier Inns in East Devon. Good luck :)
  • RichS
    fame at last, i knew one day my urge to take photos through windows of budget hotels would win me adulation and riches beyond my wildest dreams. since you nicked my photo off of flickr without so much as a please or thankyou do I win a prize or summat? oh and it's cumbernauld if you want to experience it for yourself, ask for the sub-ground floor room.

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