Spice up your next flight with suspect suitcase stickers

If you're a fan of having your bumhole fingered by a brusque gentleman in latex gloves, your luck's in. These suitcase stickers from Cheeky.com will raise just enough suspicion with airport security to have you asked to step out the line.

Of course you haven't got a suitcase stuffed full of charlie or a gagged stewardess, but then the bloke who tweeted about a blowing an airport up was clearly taking the piss, and look what happened to him. Brave enough? Stupid enough? Of course you are:

Bitterwallet - suitcase sticker 1

Bitterwallet - suitcase sticker 2



  • The B.
    WTF????? IS DIS 4 REAL?????
  • The B.
    Yeh, "This is for real..." you really need to use text speak when you have a full keyboard? you that slow at typing or something? or just like to sound like a chav lol. Loving these stickers! May have to buy a pack :D
  • maxtweenie
    @ The Real Britan (sic) There's a standing joke on here that someone posts "WTF????? IS DIS 4 REAL?????" on every post that is just plain ridiculous. As for your comment about keyboards, so what? I'm typing this on my HTC Desire. In fact I'm 'Swype' - ing it on my Swype keyboard.
  • PaulH
    I thought it was: WTF???? IS DIS REAL????
  • foxy f.
    Chocolate hobnobs..............I wonder if they are made by Foxs or McVities
  • -]
    I hated all the boring box fumming talk, but it was a million times better than that shit "wtf is dis..." spunk. Come back Wonky Henry, all is forgiven. I imagine that if it had been in moderation, the box fumming talk could've become a BW "thing". Like Mr. T and his bin antics, or puffy jackets & snakes. You twats ruined it by doing it in every single fucking thread.
  • -]
  • Morocco
    You're all wrong, it's simply WTF IS DIS REAL No 4's, no punctuation, nothing. Christ, if you're going to flog an unfunny dead horse at least do it properly. P.S. it's no funnier the way I've written it.
  • klingelton
    It doesn't matter about these covers, you're not going to be able to go into an airport anyway, not since they will all be closed. Bloody BAA
  • Wonky H.
    I wonder if anyone has burst with excrement?
  • James D.
    Your mum did, giving birth to you.
  • Wonky H.
    Just so everybody knows, there was a post earlier about bursting with excitement, but the moderators thought it was too dirty and deleted it. In blog about cutting dwarfs in half.
  • a.kiss
    My favourite: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/9929/suitcase.jpg
  • Tweets T.
    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by bitterwallet, Michael Bird. Michael Bird said: @JasonBradbury you think thats bad! Check this then! Lol http://tinyurl.com/jbcase [...]
  • Noodles g.
    @ James Dead - ROFL
  • Phil M.
    Great fun, I'm sure you'll be clawing at the stickers when you see the fat security guard getting his rubber gloves on, twat. Might as well stand in the queue mumbling, "Does my bomb look big in this?" Numpties

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