Government spending review could see rail fares rise by 40% over five years

train Coming up on Wednesday is the government’s terrifying spending review, when we all learn just how completely screwed we’ll all be after the coalition have done their worst and implemented their ‘necessary’ cuts (we reckon there’ll be rioting in the streets before the end of 2011 but maybe we’re just a bunch of negative nellies.)

There’ll be plenty of grim news in the review that will affect us as consumers, and one particular nugget of shite has appeared already. Over the weekend, Channel 4 News reported that a change in the Government-set regulated train fares is in the offing, with price rises of between 30 and 40 per cent imminent by 2015.

Under the previous Labour government, rail companies were permitted to raise fares according to the Retail Price Index plus one per cent, but it is believed that the one per cent part of that could be raised significantly as part of the spending review, causing fares to rocket.

C4 estimate that the cost of some annual season tickets for rail travellers could go up by as much as £1,000. Although if you’re a pubic sector worker, the fact that you’ll probably be losing your job means that you can look upon it as a saving really. Sort of.

Oh shit – we’re all fucked.


  • Daniel Z.
    £1000 extra to sit in a piss soaked seat. lovely.
  • Nobby
    By the time I've finished my dirty protest at price increases, a piss soaked seat will be luxury.
  • zleet
    Pretty much all of the cabinet are multi millionaires so couldn't give a flying fuck if we all ended up scrabbling in the street for scraps of food as long as those that contribute to their 'private offices' are able to make money out of it. Fuckers.
  • Phil
    I must be missing some crucial fact here, but how is letting a private company increase their fares going to have a positive impact on the countrys budget deficit? All I can think of is that the franchise fees are also going to increase, or there's some mistaken belief that the increased revenue will lead to increased tax revenue?
  • Michael
    @Phil : "All I can think of is that the franchise fees are also going to increase" Which, of course, was a massive success on the East Coast Mainline.
  • diGriz
    Of course we're fucked, numpties voted Tory. Things are going to get very, very bad. Glad I waited before getting a mortgage this year, will rent while someone else goes bankrupt.
  • Daniel Z.
    @Phil, I think that the government subsidise rail transport in the UK, so they probably want to start pulling the plug on that. If that's right though, another question that needs to be asked is why such a piss poor service needs to be subsidised... Oh, and how the **** are we all going to get into work, cause I won't be paying 40% more for a train ticket...
  • Playback
    I agree about the rioting. There will definitely be a lot of civil unrest of various kinds. The uncut budget for cyber security will be used to look for people planning such events online, so don't try and organise it on facebook OK? But yes we are all fucked and it will take 50 years to recover, if we ever do. I'll certainly be dead before it happens (and not just because of NHS cuts)
  • hippy1001
    its a good advert to get us to stop using cars and use the railways to save the earth huh. i think train tickets are expensive as they are atm. raising the price another 30-40% will make them unusable for me Id save money using my car.
  • Christopher C.
    Government seems to never understand the basic principles of spending. Why doesn't someone with any sense get into a position to control spending? Spend less than you have coming in, that's how everyone in private business operates....why can't they?
  • PaulH
    @Christopher James Conner Isn't that the whole point of this spending review?
  • Playback
    If you think that's how people in private business work then you are very much mistaken. A lot of private business gets by on spending more in the hope that they land lucky and do make it back. They also delay paying bills and thereby screw over their suppliers. The spending review is about the Tories bolstering their rich friends and has nothing at all to do with making the country work better. As you will soon find out. Especially when you can't vote the bastards out as they have gerrymander the electoral boundaries to suit them.
  • Nobby
    @Playback ... The spending review is about the Tories bolstering their rich friends and has nothing at all to do with making the country work better. And what would labour do? Help the people that cannot be arsed to get a fucking job to stay out of work.
  • Mr M.
    I voted for these bastards, and I'm not wishing I hadn't. Though the real question is what Daniel Z said. We already have piss poor service and the highest fares in Europe, so why in hell are they still needing to be subsidised at all?
  • Mr M.
    * now wishing I hadn't. Not that my typo matters as it will never get through the moderation nazis of bitterwallet hq.
  • Kevin
    Pull the subsidies from the railway companies, or make them dependant on HMG being the first 'shareholder' when it comes to dividends. If the companies still can't run properly then nationalise the railways.

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